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Meeting the changing needs of our Clients

The digital revolution, increasingly complex social media structures, 3-D printing applications, cyber security threats, industrial robotics ~ everything is changing. Forward looking Companies are taking stock of their options including virtual reality engagement, expanded cloud computing, adaptive research and advanced communication protocols. Organizations need help to respond, anticipate and plan for change in this new environment.

Unlike large consulting firms, we approach a project by assembling a small, independent and expert team dedicated to delivering results in a timely manner


Vision - Creativity - Innovation

At times every company needs some new insights. Someone to put the missing pieces together and provide new, integrated, strategic solutions

Cascadia Consulting has the practical management experience and whenever appropriate, the right business partners to identify the key business drivers, imperatives and constraints to make that happen.We can help with:

* Cross Border and Research Services
* Business Expansion Planning
* Entrepreneur/Small Business Support
* Interim Management Solutions


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